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WOMAD Festival


A group of Grade 10 Art students and a number of musically talented children from various grades made San Anton School proud by participating in the WOMAD (WORLD OF MUSIC, ART AND DANCE) workshops and festival during the first week of MAY.

This year, the WOMAD Foundation teamed up with St James Cavalier to present a series of workshops, master classes and performances in schools where they created a vibrant and diverse programme of activities for children who collaborated closely with visiting musicians and visual artists.

Our grade 10 Art students worked with visual artist SHONA WATT (UK) and, after a 3 hour workshop, they produced A5 lino prints, inspired by coats of arms, which were then put together digitally to create a beautiful banner that was hung inside Valletta’s old theater in Merchant Street. Students in the music workshop worked with musician and producer DAVE WATTS (UK/TENERIFE) and after only a couple of two-hour sessions, they succeeded in producing a song that was inspired by quotidian school sounds.

On the 5th May, artists and students belonging to a variety of local schools animated the streets of Valetta with music, dance and visuals which culminated in various performances on the stage of Valletta’s open air theatre. Our music students got the opportunity to play their song to a delighted audience who clearly approved of our students’ high-quality performance.

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