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Senior Sector Sports Day


The Senior Sector Sports Day was held on Tuesday 15th March 2011 at San Anton School. This was the second official Senior Sector Sports Day organised at our school since the inauguration of our Sports Complex.

Again this year we moved the date of Sports Day forward in order for our Grade 12 students to further avail themselves of the new Sports facilities and participate in this much awaited event for the last time as members of the student body.

As in previous years, our students were given the opportunity to choose the track or field events they would like to participate in. Moreover, all students had the possibility of participating in Tug-of-war and a pre-selected ball game. This year we added two extra events 1200m and 1500m. Heats were held during the Physical Education lessons and in breaks for nearly all events (100m, 200m, long Jump, Shot Put and Discus). Due to the number of activities being held and the time constrains we had to set some of these activities on a predetermined day. In fact students who chose the 1200m, 1500m and the Discus competed one week before Sports Day and the Greens were leading by a few points.

On the actual day over 300 students took part in more than 50 events, which started at 8:30am, reaching a climax in the afternoon with the Relays. The long awaited Teachers Relay this year won by the Reds concluded this exciting day which saw the Reds winning Sports Day by a single point with Greens, Blues and Yellows following in that order.

Medals were presented to all 1st. 2nd and 3rd placing and the shield handed over to this year's Grade 12 Reds Colour Captains: BJ Borg and Kristina Azzopardi.

All the results can be seen on the San Anton School Physical Education Website at the following link:

Click here to view Results

Photography by Mr. Noel


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