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Science Fair 2010

17th March 2010

On Wednesday 17th March 2010, the Pro-Rector for the Department of Physiology and Biochemistry, Professor Richard Muscat was welcomed to San Anton School to inaugurate the school`s Science Fair.

This biannual occasion is highly anticipated in the School`s Calendar and one in which the Grade 8 ( Form 1 ) and Grade 9 (Form 2) students get an opportunity to demonstrate their experiments to other students and their parents acquiring `hands on` Scientific knowledge.

This was further accentuated in Professor Muscat`s opening Speech where he stressed the importance of ` learning by doing` in today`s learning environment, and drew upon his experience as a scientist.

As he toured the fair, with Ms. Vicki Anastasi, Head of School the students got the opportunity to explain to them the scientific projects that they had prepared for this event.

These ranged from simple but interesting experiments in Magnetism, Static Electricity, Filtration and Transpiration to complex constructions such as a Cooler and a Hydroelectric Model . Numerous aspects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology were included.

Each work station had a group of students explaining away with gusto and demonstrating the fine points of their work, while others set their models working or mixed various solutions with startling results.

No Science Fair would have been complete without presentations and public lectures. Students, assisted by their teachers, also prepared slide shows, interactive displays and delivered short lectures during the fair.

Other Schools were also invited to visit the Science Fair giving the students the opportunity to further demonstrate their acquired scientific skills.

“ The Science Fair is an opportunity for San Anton Students to experience science through imaginative investigations and fun activities. Such an event is typical of the San Anton ethos of putting students at the centre of the learning process.” concluded Ms Valerie Agius and Ms Marissa Galea, the students` respective Science teachers who co-ordinated the event together with Ms. Sonia Silvio, the school`s laboratory technician.

All experiments and models are being judged by a panel of external judges from the Scientific Field and will be awarded prizes, kindly donated by Glaxosmithkline and Levo Laboratory Services Ltd.

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