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San Martin Sponsored Walk


This year’s San Martin Walk took the students up Dwejra hill and along the scenic Victoria Lines. Luckily, the bad weather which we experienced at the beginning of the week changed significantly and the day was perfect for a lengthy countryside walk.

The first stop took place near Bingemma Chapel where the traditional San Martin treats (apples, oranges, sweet buns and honey rings) were handed out to hungry students. After the Grade 12 SCOOPS team tidied up the area, the students walked further up the hill until they reached the uppermost part of the Victoria Lines that led to Bingemma Fort. The SCOOPS team, led by Ms Maria Gauci, had set up the ‘hobza’ and hot dog stands earlier on that day and were busy cooking the pre-ordered hot dogs in anticipation of the horde of hungry students who were eager to eat the food that the SCOOPS students had taken orders for at the beginning of the week.

After a relatively lengthy stop, the students moved down the hill in Santi and through the peaceful country roads until they once again returned to school in time to board the buses home.

The students managed to collect €2275 from sponsors whilst the SCOOPS team made a further €500 profit. I wish to thank all teachers and students in the SCOOPS team who went the extra mile (a very apt expression considering the occasion) that day and met at 7:30am in the Home Economics Room to prepare all the food that morning in order to ensure that everything was freshly made.

All proceeds of the walk will go towards the purchasing of proper 100w external speakers which are needed in the amphitheatre and also in the newly cordoned off area next to the canteen. This will ensure that the Radio Room break activity, which can also be registered as a Non Formal SSC&P activity will once again be available to our aspiring DJs.

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