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San Martin Sponsored Walk 2012


This year‘s San Martin Walk took the Senior Sector students around a section of the Victoria Lines which are relatively close to the school. After walking down Sir Temi Zammit road, students and teachers walked up the hill that leads to Dwejra and proceeded along the defensive walls that have become increasingly popular with ramblers and day-campers alike. Eventually the large group walked single-file over Bingemma Bridge that spans a remarkably scenic valley and past Bingemma Chapel, from where the students gradually ground to a halt once they reached the British-built Fort Bingemma.

In the large clearing facing the fort, the Senior Sector’s SCOOPS team headed by Ms Maria Gauci was busy cooking hot-dogs (free from preservatives and artificial colours) on a gas stove which the School maintenance staff very kindly set up and tended throughout the break. Ham & cheese rolls as well as the ubiquitous Hobz biz-zejt, which were freshly prepared by SCOOPS that morning, were also on offer. In addition to this, the traditional San Martin treats which included tangerines, apples, honey rings and sweet buns were handed out to refuel hungry students for the remainder of the walk.

Once the break was over, the students were led towards a rustic hamlet known as Is-Santi from where they passed Bingemma along a country road that runs parallel to Sir Temi Zammit road and eventually they ended up walking down the familiar narrow road that leads to school.

The money collected this year will go towards purchasing much-needed modern equipment for the Radio room since its old amplifier and speakers that have given years of faithful service to the school decided to call it a day and retired en masse without giving as much as a day’s notice. Despite this set-back, I am very pleased to inform you all that our students made a conscious effort to collect enough money which will comfortably cover all expenses to get the Radio Room up and running by the end of the first term. Many students are eager to start competing with one another for the Best DJ Awards that are only months away. In addition to this, there is also the added bonus of having this activity listed in the SSC&P Certificate as a Formal Activity.

Students can now truly call that small, nondescript space, which has given them years of entertainment and fun, their Radio Room.


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