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Meet Maria Gauci

Environment Teacher - Senior Sector and Humanities Head of Department

How long have you been teaching at San Anton School?

I have been a teacher at San Anton for twenty two years.

What is your role as Head of Department - Humanities?

As the Humanities Head of Department in Senior Sector, I have to wear more than one hat, however my main role remains that of co-ordinating all the work of the different subject areas. All of us together have to see that all the students are receiving the maximum attention and care, keeping in mind the individual needs of the child. I encourage my team to use different learning styles so that every child will learn to the best of their ability. I also believe that the outside world is an ongoing lesson in History, Geography and Environment, so all the members of the team plan out-of-school activities so that all the students have real life experiences as part of the learning process. Whenever I meet old Antonians, the first thing they mention is that special day or weekend organised by the Humanities Department.

What is the most interesting part of your job?

The most interesting part of my job is that I have the opportunity to pass on my enthusiasm on my subject - Environmental Studies. Also as a teacher at San Anton School, my creativity is not curbed so I can be myself and include varied experiences for my students. Each year, I also co-ordinate the Grade 7 educational trip to Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Any Challenges?

My major challenge is that of keeping the topic alive and interesting to ensure that the student is challenged and engaged at all times

What is your favourite childhood memory?

My favourite childhood memory is that of my mother lighting the Christmas tree at home in Gozo with real candles - She always lit the candles with a single match, in record time. After counting to fifteen it was my job to blow out all the candles one by one. Today I can openly say that it was a way of testing my counting, however every time a candle is blown out, this memory becomes alive again.

Favourite Book?

I read a lot and I can name my favourite authors as Ken Follett, James Herriot and Torey Hayden - a book 'One Child' by the latter author remains one of my favourite.

Any Hobbies?

This is tricky! I love reading, painting, cooking, cake decorating, photography, sewing, gardening, walking, and swimming..need anymore?

Favourite Food?

I love pasta! And if dietary needs were non-existent, I will settle for pasta every meal and every day. Italian recipes remain my top priority. I also like homely food like Torta tal -Gbejniet, Soppa ta l-Armla and other old fashioned local recipes.

Editor`s note: The Snapshot team can also vouch for her home made pizza and Kannoli which have reached Legendary Status in the staffroom :)

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