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Educational Visit to Institute of Tourism Studies


On the 5th of April 2011, the Grade 11( Form 4) Home Economics students visited the Institute of Tourism Studies ( I.T.S) in Pembroke for the day. The first part of the visit was a talk given by a lecturer who had also been a student there. His presentation was packed with educational and interesting facts regarding I.T.S, the variety of courses there are to choose from and also how the 4 year system there is split up. An informative prospectus was handed over to us for more information.

After the talk we went over to the canteen where we were given overalls to wear and caps as souvenirs. We then visited the kitchens, where we observed the first and second year students cooking and using their well-learned skills. We also saw some students making wonderful figolli, as the visit was during Eastertime.

After going round the Institute, we were lucky enough to be served a lovely three course buffet meal. As starters we had different platters of salads and fresh bread, for the main course we had pasta with tomato sauce and/or meat with side dishes of brussel sprouts and yorkshire pudding. For dessert, we had a fruit tart with custard and fresh cream. As a special treat, we had non-alcoholic cocktails which were divine!

Overall, I think all the students, and the teachers had a spectacular time. As a student I really enjoyed the visit to I.T.S, the people were very welcoming, explained well and the food was absolutely delicious! I learnt a lot of new facts regarding I.T.S that I hadn’t known about, so besides the outing being fun, it was also a great and new way of learning things.

Hollie Zammit, Grade 11.

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