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Art eTwinning Project is awarded the European Quality Label Certificate.

13th October 2011

San Anton School`s eTwinning Project presented by the Senior Sector Art Department – “Birds and Butterflies” has been awarded a European Quality Label Certificate due to its high level of excellence.

Ms. Alison Zammit Endrich, head of the Art Department had previously guided her students to communicate with students from Schools in Turkey, France, Spain, Poland and Cyprus. They collected various photos of 116 paintings related to the theme, and together with their own related work, organised a virtual exhibition as part of their Open Day activities in May 2011.

eTwinning Projects aim to encourage European Schools to collaborate using ICT.

The main concept behind eTwinning is that schools are paired with another school elsewhere in the Europe. The two schools then communicate using the Internet (for example, by e-mail, blogs or video conferencing) to collaborate, share and learn from each other. eTwinning encourages and develops ICT skills as the main activities inherently use information technology. Twinning with a foreign school fosters students' intercultural awareness, and improves their communication skills.

eTwinning projects last for any length of time ranging from only a week, to months, up to creating permanent relationships between schools. Schools (both primary and secondary) within the European Union member states can participate in the eTwinning project, in addition to schools from Norway and Iceland.

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