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Careers Convention at San Anton School

November 2012

The Department of Social and Emotional Literacy at San Anton School organised its third consecutive Careers Convention in November 2012. The event proved to be a tremendous success with Grade 11 and final year students, giving them the opportunity to, informally meet with prospective employers, as well as to discover what careers, professions and opportunities await them once they leave San Anton School, whilst at the same time motivating them in their studies.

“This event has given the students yet another opportunity to further explore their career choices, at a time when decisions on their future become even more pressing. By having a Careers Convention, the students are able to dedicate a significant amount of time in the right atmosphere to learn more about potential career decisions” commented Mr. Ian Refalo, who heads the Department and organises this event.

A notable feature of the event was once again the number of Old Antonians (former students) who met with the students, whilst representing their various professions. It was easier for them to relate to the students’ reality especially as it wasn’t that long ago when they were in their place deciding their own future.

“The convention is now a fixture on the School calendar and is here to stay. Apart from the obvious benefits that students acquire from an event such as this, they are also learning how to ask questions, how to greet people and how to discern between one job and another. It is also an exercise in self-discovery as the students find out what appeals to them and equally what doesn’t.

Equally pleasing were the positive comments from the exhibitors who all invariably commented on the high level of participation, interest and relevant questions put forward by the students.” concluded Mr. Refalo.


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