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Astronomy Night


The 2009 edition of the Astronomy Night at San Anton School was held last Friday the 29 of May. Every year San Anton School`s Grade Ten students look forward to a night packed with activities related to astronomy. This year, was certainly no exception.

After attending a presentation on the solar system, artificial satellites, and the theory behind gravitational forces amongst other things, students were treated to hot chocolate and huge homemade cookies baked by the staff. More theory followed this short break, but the highlight of the evening was the arrival of Mr. Anthony Tanti of the Astronomical Society with two large computerised telescopes for the observation session.

Students were able to observe Saturn and its fascinating system of rings, as well as the surface features of the moon, notwithstanding some heavy cloud cover. An open-air disco and barbeque soon followed, during which competitions for the best alien costume, the best moon dance, and the most creative model of a space craft were held. The students left school with a contended, if somewhat sleepy, smile on their face.

San Anton Schoolís Science Department aims to foster studentís natural inquisitiveness through hands-on and minds-on activities that enhance observation, integration and inference skills and spark interest for science subjects. Needless to say, this would not be possible without the enthusiastic dedication and effort invested by the school staff.

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