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Voluntary Work Experience


A group of Senior Sector students accompanied by teachers Ms Elaine and Ms Maris, recently spent a Saturday morning doing voluntary work at The Little Sisters of the Poor home for the elderly in Hamrun.

Upon arrival, they were welcomed by Sr. Agnes who explained the work of the Little Sisters of the Poor and also showed the students their beautiful chapel. The students were then divided into groups, some helped with the wiping of chairs and tables and others in serving tea and coffee to the elderly residents. The students then went round talking to the residents who seemed more than happy to chat to their young visitors.

The morning quickly came to an end and the students left the home feeling very satisfied that they had given up their Saturday morning for such a good cause.

"It is very important for us to see San Anton Senior Students cultivate the values of cooperation and community, an awareness of other's needs, and ultimately a sense of altruism and solidarity, particularly because we live in a world which tends to encourage materialism, individualism and competition so forcefully. We feel that such activities can help them experience these values and realize how fulfilling voluntary work and working with others can be," commented Dr. Joe Gauci - Head of School

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