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Valletta Art Experience 2014


On Sunday 23rd November 2014, the Grade 12 (Form 5) Art students, accompanied by their Art teacher Ms Alison Zammit Endrich and Ms Bertha Schembri, were engaged in an overnight activity in Valletta to fully immerse themselves in the Art scene set by the Ziguzajg festival.

The activity began with a viewing of the Ziguzajg show Vjoleta which was performed by a group of Spanish acrobats, singers and musicians. This was followed by a photography workshop at Hastings Gardens where the students learned that photography goes beyond merely taking numerous amounts of selfies! Photography as a Fine Art became the topic of discussion and students learned more about composition, perspective, colours and textures.

After the photography workshop the students were taught to sketch a skyline ‘en plein air’, focusing on the subject: the Floriana parish church of Christ the King which is framed on one side by a typical watchtower. After lunch the group returned to the British Hotel to settle into their rooms, taking photos on the way and appreciating the installations that were set up as part of the Ziguzajg festival. Students spent the remainder of the involved in various activities including the Ziguzajg workshop ‘Selfie’, hanging out in the Upper Barracca gardens, dinner and to conclude the day, watching a film at the cinema.

The following morning began with a pen and ink workshop where the students learned how to create tonal and textural drawings using pens. They then joined a site visit led by Architects Guillaume Dreyfuss and Seb Tanti Burlo from Architecture Project to the Renzo Piano project of the Piazza Teatru Rjal, Parliament site and City Gate. After a short break the students visited the Museum of Fine Arts and St. John’s Co-Cathedral where they could appreciate various baroque art treasures including those by Mattia Preti and Caravaggio.

Head of School Dr. Joe Gauci commended this educational activity which is in keeping with San Anton`s ethos of linking classroom education with the outside world, imbuing teaching and learning with a high cultural content.


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