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Scoops stands for ‘School Cooperative’. It is aimed at 13-15 year olds in the secondary schools. Scoops is a project of the Education Department and implemented by Outlook Coop.

When they join Scoops the students are encouraged to set up and run a cooperative for that scholastic year. A managing committee is formed but the emphasis is on team work, democracy and innovation. The students produce goods to sell or provide a service in the school or community.

During the school year the students get the opportunity to meet up with their counterparts from other participating schools during three main activities:

  • Vetrina Scoops, a showcase for the cooperative ideal
  • A visit to an adult cooperative
  • Fiera Scoops, where the students sell their product to the general public.

The Sccops year at school ends with an annual general meeting for which a member from the project implementers also attends. Participation certificates and profits are distributed and the students are asked to write down their experience.

Here are some of the students’ comments at the end of the Scoops project:

-“ These activities have taught us how to work well as a team .”

- “ I enjoyed coming up with ideas and creating things to sell .”

- “ I made new friends and had a lot of fun .”

- “ My favourite part was meeting people outside the school ”.

- “ I felt like a grown up as we had to decide things on our own .”

- “ I learnt how to advertise .”

- “ We tightened our friendship .”

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Below are photos of Scoops ranging from 2003 till 2007

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