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KLIK SCOOPS 2006 – 2007

Participating Students :

Julia Anastasi

Andrew Borg

John Perici Calascione

Gian Luca Sant

Francesca Pisani

Simon Briffa

Francesco Refalo

Nicole Muscat


November 2006

San Martin Walk - Klik Scoops took orders for and prepared over 120 ftajjar for the students and teachers. Drinks and snacks were sold during the stops on the walk.

December 2006

Lyrx 10 th birthday party - Klik Scoops provided the bar service at the school radio’s birthday party.

School Christmas Concert - Sold drinks and snacks at the Christmas concert over two nights. A raffle for a Christmas Hamper was held, on each evening.

January 2007

Vetrina Scoops – Klik Scoops attended this event organised by Outlook Coop.

School Stationary – Bought stationary items and set up school stationary, selling items to students and teachers.

February 2007

St. Valentine’s day – Students were able to use the services of Cupid who, armed with his bow and wearing a white dress, delivered cards and sweets to their sweethearts.

March 2007

A visit to an adult cooperative – the students visited the Eden Cooperative and participated in some of the activities organised for the members of this coop. These included a computer lesson, shredding paper and drum therpy.

April 2007

Candle decorations – Candle scraps were obtained from various sources. These were melted, coloured and remoulded to be sold at Fiera Scoops.

May 2007

Fiera Scoops – All the Klik Scoops members attended this fair that was held in Valletta. Candle sales went very well and the students practised their marketing skills.

June 2007

Annual General Meeting – This was held during the lunch break and Mary Rose Meli from Outlook Coop also attended. Participation certificates were handed to each member and the profits distributed. A donation to a charity from the profits was also made. The students expressed their experience on the Scoops project.


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