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Science Fair 2017


On Wednesday 15th March, 2017, the San Anton Science Department hosted the annual Science Fair in the Science Laboratories.

This year, this very popular and highly anticipated event was open to the Grade 9 students. They were split into groups of three and given a number of exciting titles to choose from. Once chosen, the students then had the opportunity to work on their investigations during the science lessons over the past few weeks.

What made this science fair such a great learning experience was that it involved so much more than just science. It motived the students towards the subject whilst allowing them to share their projects and ideas with their friends, parents and the judges who visited the fair. It therefore also helped to contribute to their social development and helped them with public speaking and defending their findings in front of expert judges.

Our aim is for these students to become more self-confident within the science subjects and to instil a feeling of independent achievement by working on these projects. This will hopefully increase their interest to choose careers in the scientific field.

Lastly, we have found that preparing for a science fair project is an excellent example of inquiry-based learning which we find to be very effective in the teaching and learning of science.

This year, there were 20 projects participating in the fair representing a good mix of Physics, Biology and Chemistry. It was so rewarding to see students explaining with enthusiasm and demonstrating the fine details of their work, while others set their models working or mixed various solutions with surprising results!

The judges consisted of Mr. Elton Micallef (from Esplora Interactive Science Centre), Mr. Matthew Agius (a former San Anton student and 4th year Medical student) and Ms. Francesca Pisani (a former San Anton student working in the field of Earth Sciences.)

The project awarded with the highest amount of points according to the set criteria was that called “Investigating the Formation of Crystals” by Leah Camileri, Alexia Ellul and Ella Pace Bonello. These were each given a science set, partly sponsored by Levo Laboratories. The class with the overall highest amount of points was Grade 9.4. These were presented with a trophy which is being kept on display in the Biology lab.

Christine Naudi – Head of Sciences Department


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