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Science Trip to the Aegadian Islands

Between the 23rd and 27th April a group of 38 grade 11 science students and 6 teachers from San Anton School visited the Aegadian Islands for a science trip organised by the science department.

The students visited the Grotta del Genovese in Levanzo which includes drawings of tuna and dolphins made of charcoal and fat dating back to 8000 years BC. In Marettimo the students visited the Museo del Mare which is run by the Cultural Association of Marettimo along with the Castle of Punta Troia which serves as an observation centre for the endangered monk seal. Staff from the Office of the Marine Protected Area explained what the management of the biggest MPA in Europe involves and what activities can take place in each zone surrounding the islands and nearby seas. In Favignana the students could note previously used sustainable ways of tuna fishing at the Ex-stabilimento Florio which showcases how the tuna industry dominated the islands for centuries. The group also visited the molluscs museum which contains over 500 specimens of Mediterranean and indo-pacific species.

In Trapani the students visited the Salt Museum where Andrea Santulli, an academic from the University of Palermo explained the biological and chemical processes involved in salt production. During their stay on the islands the students could also observe the biodiversity offered by these islands and note several common traits when compared to the Maltese Islands.

Figure caption: Students and teachers from San Anton School at Grotta del Genovese, Levanzo

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