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Grade Eleven students raise funds for “Puttinu Cares.”


Last term, as part of their PSD studies on community care, San Anton School Grade 11 (Form Four) students participated in a fund raising bazaar organized by the AX Foundation and raised funds for Puttinu Cares – a children`s cancer support group.

The entire school community of students, parents and staff generously donated clothes, toys, books, cds and other items which were then sold by the students during the event. The students gave up their weekend to run the stall, and the generous amount raised is demonstrative of their enthusiasm and dedication.

Theresa Camilleri, PSD teacher and co-ordinator of the initiative commented: “ We could easily have asked the students to donate some money and stopped there. However, we wanted the students to be actively engaged in this initiative, which I am sure has raised their awareness of other children going through very difficult times”

The sum of EUR700 was recently presented by the children to Ms Denise Scicluna from Puttinu Cares. Whilst thanking the students for their generosity, Ms Scicluna informed them that the money donated will fully subsidise the artistic painting and decoration of the Wonderland ward at Mater Dei Hospital

Grade 11 Students Louisa Sullivan and Giulia Calleja felt that the experience was truly worthwhile, as it exposed them to a reality that is rarely mentioned. “ By raising these funds we feel we are contributing directly to making the children in the Wonderland ward feel a little bit more at home.”

“It is very important for us to see the senior students cultivate the values of cooperation and community, an awareness of other’s needs, and ultimately a sense of altruism and solidarity, particularly because we live in a world which tends to encourage materialism, individualism and competition so forcefully. We feel that these activities can help them experience these values and realize how fulfilling voluntary work and working with others can be,” concluded Ian Refalo, School Counsellor, who guided the students in this fund raising event

This initiative forms part of a program adopted by San Anton School to focus support on two charities or causes each scholastic year. This years causes are Puttinu Cares and Bird Life.

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