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Presidential Visit to San Anton School

Today San Anton School was honoured by a visit from President Edward Fenech Adami. As the Presidential car entered the school grounds, Grade 6 and Grade 7 students and their teachers gave the President a resounding welcome. On his arrival at the school, the President was met by an Honour Guard of Scouts from the San Anton Scouts led by Mr. Paul Borg Barthet. His first stop was the Junior Sector where he was greeted by our little ones. The President went into various classes to admire the children’s colourful work and the cheerful ambience created by our Junior Sector teachers.

From the Junior Sector the President was escorted to the Senior Sector to visit the school radio station Lyrx which was broadcasting live. He then visited the science labs to watch students performing experiments. Both at the radio station and in the labs, our students and teachers did us proud in the way they responded to the President’s questions about the activities they were engaged in.

The President’s next stop was the Backyard Habitat, within the school grounds. The Backyard team led by Joe Attard gave the President a lively rundown of the environmental work they have been involved in and presented His Excellency with a bag of their very own school-produced compost. The President also received the two volumes of Attard’s book ‘The Maltese Countryside’.

The final stage of the President’s visit took place in the school’s amphitheatre. One of our students, Mark Zahra from Grade 12 addressed the President and the staff and students in a beautifully presented speech. In return, His Excellency addressed the students, remarking on the very evident, unique identity which we at San Anton possess. To mark the occasion of his visit, the President was presented with a painting by a former San Anton student. The ceremony culminated in a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem by Chiara Buhagiar, accompanied on the piano by Louise Cassar Pullicino.

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