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Professional Development Day for all teachers.

San Anton School firmly believes the a school`s best resource is its teachers, and this is clearly demonstrated in it`s commitment to regularly updating teaching methods and policies to affirm its role as a pioneer in independent, modern education.

Three professional development days  are set in the Scholastic Calendar each year, and the second session for all teachers took place on the 6th February 2008 in the School Library.

A draft of the Anti- Bullying Policy was presented and discussed by Head Counseller Ian Refalo and the teachers were then grouped according to their respective sectors, for practical sessions in spotting and intervening in cases of bullying.

Head of Administration Maria Pia Galea then presented an overview of the Healthy Eating Lifestyle Plan (H.E.LP) issued by the Education Division which has been in force since January 2008, in view of Healthy Eating at school. She later presented a draft of the Whole School Food Policy which will come into effect in March 2008.

Head of School Vicki Anastasi then led two sessions on “ Identifying Learning Skills” and “ Learning Expectations” as a continuation of the  “ Let me Learn” program  currently being implemented at San Anton School by Colin Calleja from the  University of Malta.

The teaching staff then split into  working groups and conducted various related exercise. Many took the opportunity of the glorious weather and moved outdoors to conclude their work.

Everyone was then treated to a hearty lunch dished out by Ms Rosanne Ast. Head of the Junior Sector, which served as an excellent networking opportunity for all

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