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National Literacy Awards for San Anton School Students


The National Literacy Agency in collaboration with the National Book Council and the Department of Curriculum Management organised a nationwide campaign for the promotion of reading to promote reading in all schools across the Maltese islands.

Since the purpose of the campaign was to award “not only those students who are proficient readers in Maltese and English, but also those who have made an effort to improve their level of reading”, each school was asked to nominate two students; a proficient reader in Maltese and English for the Gold Award and a student who made an effort to improve his/her reading for the Silver Award.

Teachers from the Maltese and English Departments of San Anton agreed on two nominees; Aquilina Michaela and Sasha Mamo for the Gold and Silver Awards respectively.

The reading champions received books in Maltese as well as English at the prize-giving ceremony which was held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre on Sunday, 16th November, to coincide with the final day of the National Book Festival.

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