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A Medieval Day in Mdina


On Friday 24th March 2017, the San Anton School Humanities Department organised an outing with a difference for our all Grade 8 ( Form 1) students – A Medieval Day in Mdina.

Their first stop was at the Museum of Natural History, where the students were given a guided tour of this museum. They then embarked on a treasure hunt guided by a map featuring the main historical landmarks of the silent city. After running to and fro and finding the landmarks through a number of riddles, all the students met in the Square to see who were the winners.

Everyone was looking forward to a Medieval Lunch at The Old Priory which was consumed according to medieval tradition and custom. The lunch consisted of roast chicken, meatballs, roast potatoes, dessert and water. After the meal, the winners of the treasure hunt were presented with a chocolate Easter bunny and the rest were given a consolation prize of a chocolate Easter egg which was obviously very well received.

The students then were given the task of sketching a virtual environmentally friendly ‘My Mdina’. By working around existing landmarks, they had to “rebuild” a sustainable Mdina in terms of buildings, energy use, provision of water and landscaping. This task will be continued as part of a homework assignment. Through differentiated learning, the final product will be presented in different formats - by drawing and labelling, by assembling a collage or by creating a computerised image of their personalised Mdina. The final works will be displayed in class.


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