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LYR-X Radio Awards 2011


Last Friday 20th May, months of auditions, rehearsals and hard work were put to the test when San Anton School hosted the 2011th edition of the LYR-X Radio Awards. This annual event is certainly one of the most anticipated events on the school calendar and one in which students get a chance to perform, and win awards for their respective radio programmes.

LYR-X Radio, a state-of-the-art radio station and recording studio at San Anton School, gives Senior Sector students the opportunity during their break to present and DJ radio programmes which are then broadcast to the school. The students are also involved in the running of the studio, radio station and its upkeep.

As in recent years, this edition of the radio awards was held in the School Amphitheatre, in the form of an open-air concert, and was an immediate sell out. Dr. Joe Gauci, Asst. Head of the Senior Sector and the catalyst behind this edition of the Radio Awards, certainly ensured a highly professional and memorable event. No stone was left unturned to ensure that the participating students and audience, consisting of fellow-students, friends, teachers and family, were treated to a night to remember, complete with a professional stage, lighting and special effects, coupled with a few surprises.

The evening was ably compered by students Nicky Debono, Edward Fleri Soler, Annabelle Farrugia and Harriet Cini, all chosen after a rigorous selection process. This year`s script was also written by these students, ably guided by Mr. Ian Refalo, and was highly entertaining, including witty audience interaction.

Being an all-student event, the event tickets and souvenir programme were designed by Grade 11.1 student Brenda DeBattista who won a student competition held to select the artwork for the night.

Against the backdrop offered by the breathtaking twilight, the audience were treated to a opening dance number by the Grade 8, 9 and 10 girls which was a fusion of the worlds of ballet and street dance. Other memorable dance numbers were the impressive hip-hop, lyrical and ballet of the Grade 11 girls’ dance and the spectacular all-boys’ dance, now synonymous with these Awards, that set the second half of the programme off with a bang.

The students and bands wowed the audience with their flawless performances and all present were greatly impressed by the talent and professional confidence demonstrated on stage.

In keeping with tradition, the evening had its fair share of surprises and live performances by guest artists, who also presented awards. This year`s highlight certainly was Ivan Grech and Melvin Caruana from Winter Moods who regaled those present with an acoustic set and later performed their hit “ Marigold” accompanied by student Matthew Grech and the school band to the delight of all those present.

During the second half of the programme, upcoming band “ The Freuds” were also welcomed on stage and performed a couple of numbers.

The first award for “Most Original Programme Name 2011” was awarded to Emma Borg and Mattea Tanti Dougall who won with the moniker “No Brains, Just music” Most Orignal Group Name 2011 was awarded to Max Johnson and Nicky Zammit with Mn’N This award was presented to the winners by Ivan Grech from “Winter Moods.”

Most Popular Programme 2011 was awarded to “ The Kings of Radio” Nicky Debono and Michael Dingli. This prestigious award was presented to the winners by popular 89.7 Bay Drive Time Show hosts Nathan D and Talitha, in line with the LYR-X Radio Awards tradition of having the top 89.7 Bay DJs as award presenters.

Best DJs 2011 was awarded to Brenda DeBattista, and Gabi Gauci Borda, former LYR-X Awards winners themselves.

As excitement was running high, the evening came to a close as Dr. Joe, Mr. Marvic and father and son duo Edward and Luke Mercieca took to the stage to perform Oasis` “Don`t look back in Anger”, and U2`s “One” admirably sung by Ms. Tiziana and Ms. Janice respectively.

“Each year I am newly impressed by the wealth of incredible talent demonstrated by our students”, commented Ms Vicki Anastasi – Head of School. “ The LYR-X School Radio and indeed the LYR-X Radio Awards give our students the opportunity to work as a team and develop their talent, whilst boosting their confidence, self-esteem, communicative ability and creativity.

Such an event is typical of the San Anton Ethos intended to foster the best environment for the development of the child as a unique person to eventually become an active and effective member of society in whatever walk of life he or she inserts him/herself,” concluded Ms Vicki.

This event would not have been possible without the support of the students, teachers, parents and the following sponsors: Malta Fairs and Convention Centre, Smoochie – Fresh Fruit Temptations, Il Camino, Vee Gee Bee Art and I Monelli Food Experience.

A big thank you to Mr. Marvic Tonna, Ms. Tiziana Calleja, Ms. Janice Debattista, Ms. Maria Gloria Camilleri and Ms. Emma Loftus, who coached and choreographed the students accordingly, as well as Mr. Ian Refalo for coaching the comperes and Ms. Alison Zammit Endrich for adjudicating the student competition for the ticket and souvenir programme artwork.

Photography by Ian Refalo


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