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An excursion to the area of Im[ieba] as part of the Grade Ten Humanities Curriculum, led some inquisitive students to seek more information on the historic beehives in the area. On thing led to another and, from the beehives themselves, the research led to the study of the role of the hives in the ecosystem.

As budding journalists, the students` investigative side took over,which laid bare the fact that without hives the ecosystem will spiral into decline and eventually total collapse of the whole system.

Three students John Pace, Elena Gauci and Kristina Catania put all this in an article aptly entitled: “ The Bees Are Scratching Their Heads,” and competed in an international YRE (Young reporters for the environment) competition in investigative journalism, guided by their Environment teacher Ms. Maria Gauci.

Their entry placed first along with two other schools. On the 28th January 2011 an award-giving ceremony was held at Santa Margerita College in Cottonera which was attended by the students and other members of the school`s Eko Skola committee. The awards were presented by the Minister for Rural Affairs and the Environment, Mr. George Pullicino.

A professional journalist and photographer present gave interesting talks linked to the importance of sustainable actions that will preserve our environment for present and future generations.

Nicholas Attard also placed second in a separate YRE photography competition with his photo of the clay slopes of Imġiebaħ.

The certificates and personalised pens as gifts were welcomed by the students as a gesture of acknowledgement for the investigative work done, but above all the students were proud that they had contributed to raising awareness regarding the preservation of our unique environment.


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