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Who is Mr Greg?

“My life is my story and I always seek in making it worth living”.

I am Greg Sammut, Head of the Computing and IT Department at San Anton School, married to Elaine and father of twins, Christian and Angelique. I live in Madliena, but still very much loyal to my home town, Sliema. I consider myself as a good communicator and a patient listener. I believe that respect is gained through respect and enjoy working in a team, where the objectives are common to all members. My wardrobe is essential and pretty much of an added expense to my bills but, I love experimenting with fashion and somehow, new clothes help me to face the day better.

I might be hard headed at times, but not too proud to admit a mistake or accept constructive criticism. 

What do you love about teaching?

Education is my passion. I have been teaching for the past fifteen years. As they say, “teaching is the profession that builds all the other professions” and this gives us educators the responsibility to be continuously proactive in delivering knowledge while giving opportunities for problem solving… a common technique I use to support the pupils in effective learning.

Seeing my students’ eagerness to learn through dynamic and interactive lessons, gives me great satisfaction and motivates me to keep up with providing new incentives that stretch their attention span. I just love it when after a double lesson; students are so engaged that they would not wish to leave the computer lab in order to finish off their Java Programme.

Computing gives me the benefits of teaching a vibrant subject which is an indispensable tool in today’s society. My students are made aware of this concept from the first lesson in Grade 10. I try to pass on the enthusiasm about their choice by showing them the limitless opportunities in Computing and IT. They also participate in educational visits at different entities including Microsoft and the Artificial Intelligence Faculty at the University of Malta in order to get a taste through a hands-on experience.

How long have you been teaching at SAS?

This is my third year at San Anton and it feels as if I have been here forever. Leaving my previous teaching post to join San Anton, was absolutely a complex crossroad in my life, however, after experiencing the extraordinary working environment and the excellent team spirit amongst all stakeholders; I do not regret my move any single bit. Everyone made it so easy for me to feel comfortable here and today, San Anton is without a doubt, my second home.

What is the most challenging part of the job?

Every job has its challenges and teaching is no exception. It is definitely not an easy task to have the attention of all the different individuals in a classroom. Adaptation is a vital key, however, some students need more than that. Some do not fully understand the importance of studying and could build a barrier towards learning.  It is quite a challenge to influence their mindset. Overcoming such situations is an added value to the teaching career!

What changes can you see in the educational methodology at SAS to when you were at school?

As a student, I attended a boys’ only school. Maybe a bit too rigid but has given me good solid foundations to a prospective future. I clearly remember evaluating my teachers’ attitudes and could easily point out the most dedicated ones.

The latter describes the majority of staff members at San Anton School… genuine educators who go the extra mile for the wellbeing of their students. Our school has a broad long term vision, giving us the opportunity to fine tune anything related to our line of expertise.

The students have a certain level of freedom within boundaries of course, but yet they are ready to conform in class. They are keen to come to school every morning and pretty much involve themselves in the array of extracurricular activities offered.  The parents appreciate our commitment and often show their gratitude towards our efforts.

Why is Christmas special for you?

Christmas gives me that positive vibe. I like the preparations of the decorations: The Crib, the Tree, the Christmas Village and the yearly innovative Baby Jesus Manger. I look forward to the Christmas events of family and friends’ gatherings, the Christmas Market and Panto at school, the shopping and a quiet DVD night in front of the decorated, wood burning fireplace while sipping a class of mulled wine.

The organizations of the yearly Christmas party for the less fortunate kids and the joyful Christmas Mass, makes it even more special and finally but surely, allocating more time to enjoy time with my wife and kids… maybe even spoiling them a bit too much… It’s Christmas after all!

What is your favourite childhood Christmas memory?

I have countless. Memories of a simple childhood that are to treasure, consisting of Summers spent by sea in Sliema, with twelve cousins fitting on a nine foot dingy and Winters at St Andrew’s on the bikes or Camping. Mischief was on top of my list and a master of trouble at times.

Christmas was the time when the cousins got together to decorate our grandma’s house. One fine evening, all the parents were invited for drinks at a friend, so they decided to let us enjoy our decoration moments while supervised by two of our elder cousins. While hanging the star and some tinsel around the sitting room window, the loud sound of the neighbours’ television on the other side of the road, got my attention. I realised that their television was the same brand as my grandma’s, so that meant that our remote control should work on the neighbours’ TV… and that was the discovery of the night. All the cousins were having terms in crossing the road and changing the channels through the letter box. The decorations were not the priority anymore at that stage but the excitement of the reaction of the old couple, when seeing their TV mysteriously changing the channels, the volume and going on and off. Wanting to be a step ahead from my relatives, during my turn, I fully fit the remote in the neighbours’ letter box hoping to impress, but little did I expect it to get stuck there. The rest of the story I leave it to your imagination but just to give you a hint… the ultimate result made me clearly remember that night!

Favourite book.

Well, I am not really very much into reading books as I prefer articles of innovative technological or marketing nature. However a book that struck me is Dante’s Inferno.

Favourite Food

This is problematic… not easy to decide on my favourite food, but on top of my list is a juicy rib eye steak, pizza and my mum’s lasagne. 

Any hobbies?

I am heavily involved in the St Gregory Sliema Band Club, a childhood interest that still occupies a considerable amount of my free time. I also enjoy gardening, especially on a Saturday morning and I try not to miss a ride on my boat, away from the busy life, during the summer months.





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