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En Plein Air with Kenneth Zammit Tabona


Students at San Anton School are blessed with the fact that their school is located in the middle of the countryside at L-Imselliet in an idyllic valley nestled between Zebbiegh and Bidnija. This magnificent location is often exploited and on most sunny days you will come across students and their teachers using the valley or the country side as an outdoor classroom.

It is an integral part of art education at San Anton School to come in touch with local artists and to learn and progress through first hand experiences like painting oufdoors. Therefore with this in mind, Alison Zammit Endrich Head of the Art Department, recently invited the well known, inimitable water colourist Kenneth Zammit Tabona to paint L-Imselliet valley with a group of Form Five Art Students.

This unique experience enabled the students to experience the basic watercolour techniques of blending, bleeding, wet in wet, transparency and layer upon layer that they had previously learnt in class, at first hand, whilst in the company of an established artist. Mr. Zammit Tabona also demonstrated these same techniques, talked about his experience in outdoor painting and his love for watercolour.

This was the students` first experience of watercolour landscape painting and Mr. Zammit Tabona made them feel relaxed, stressing the fact that they were also out to enjoy themselves.

I really enjoyed it and since I don`t have much experience with watercolours, I felt encouraged and learnt that watercolour is a really fun medium. It is easy to express yourself. . . almost like there is no wrong or right . . commented Ella Fleri Soler, one of the students.

Head of School Ms. Vicki Anastasi also commended this educational activity as it is in keeping with San Anton`s ethos of taking the classroom into the real world.

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