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Comfortably numb?

29th January 2010

Comfortably Numb, is the name given to an art competition organised by a group of University students as part of their Masters degree in Youth Studies, in collaboration with EUPA (European Union Programme’s Agency). The idea was to invite secondary school students to think about children less fortunate than themselves. The theme of the painting competition was social deprivation and physical poverty. The students study the theory of colour, and the effects and meaning of colour, and in order to evoke the suffering and pain of people who are socially deprived, depressed and poor they used blues, purples and neutral colours in their work.

San Anton school grade 12 students Luisa Sullivan and Bekki Gaffiero were awarded 1st and 3rd prize respectively.

Twenty one of our students were chosen to participate in this competition upon the encouragement of their art teacher Ms. Alison Zammit Endrich.

Galea Art studios sponsored the event giving gifts and prizes to all who participated.

The works are currently being displayed in the School Foyer, and Ms. Roseanne Agius a P.S.D teacher in the Junior Sector has grasped the opportunity to bring her PSD classes out into the foyer giving the Junior students the opportunity to interpret and discuss the emotions portrayed by the paintings.

A wonderful example of cross-curricular learning !


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