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Careers Afternoon


The Department of Social and Emotional Literacy recently organized a Careers Afternoon at School. The event, the first of its kind, proved to be a huge success with the Grade 12 students. The students had the opportunity to attend talks, informally meet with prospective employers, as well as learn about careers and professions which they may not have considered previously.

“This event has given the students yet another opportunity to further explore their career choices, at a time when decisions on their future become even more pressing. By having a Careers’ Afternoon, the students could dedicate a significant amount of time in the right atmosphere to learning more about potential career decisions” commented Mr. Ian Refalo, the school`s counsellor and organiser of the event.

A notable feature of the event was the number of Old Antonians, representing their various professions who spoke to the Grade 12s. It was easier for them to relate to the students’ reality especially as it wasn’t that long ago when they were in their place deciding their own future.

All in all this initiative was a great success which augurs well for the next one in Novmber 2011.

“Probably the most satisfying comment of the day came from the people who volunteered to meet the students who all mentioned how interested, inquisitive and respectful all our students were,” concluded Mr. Refalo.


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