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Grade 11 Art and History Cross- Curricular Trip to Rome and Florence

April 2013

During the Easter holidays, a group of Grade 11 (form 4) Art and History students from San Anton school left for an Italian Renaissance experience in Rome and Florence.

Besides visiting the historical sights and bountiful art museums that the cities have to offer, the sudents were treated to a hands- on workshop in art conservation at SACI (Studio Arts Centre International) led by Dr Roberta Lapucci and her students. During this unique experience the students were exposed to an entirely new dimension of art historical education.

After honing their skills in retouching and gilding, their appreciation of the conservation of the artworks that they were viewing grew considerably.

Day trips to Siena, San Gimignano, Orvieto and Monteriggioni rounded out a thouroughly enjoyable trip.

“Personally SACI was the highlight of the trip. It was truly amazing and it felt so professional working on a real renaissance painting,” commented student Dawn Degiorgio.

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