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San Anton School Scout Group, which forms part of the North District of the Scout Association of Malta, was founded by a group of parents during the scholastic year 1992/3. It was the first co-ed scout group on the island. 

Membership of the Group is limited to children and youths who attend or have attended SanAntonSchool                                

Weekly meetings are held every Saturday between 15.00 - 17.00 hrs on the school premises.  These are a combination of fun and games as well as programme work which is set by the National Scouting Association. This aims to help the child to develop physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally                              

Apart from the regular meetings, various activities are also organised, the highlights being Easter and Summer Camps. Outdoor events have included treasure hunts, abseiling, canoeing and hikes. Visits to historical sites and museums are frequently organised. The Group has camped overseas on three occasions, visiting France (1996) and Sicily (2003 and 2005). 

From time to time, the Group also participates in District and National Scouting events and competitions


San Anton Scouts Trip to Kandersteg, Switzerland

A group of 18 San Anton Scouts accompanied by Group Scout Leader Gordon Dimech, Skipper Mark Soler and leaders Reuben Grima and Lisa Zammit Montebello recently embarked on an adventure trip to Kandersteg International Scout Centre in Switzerland during the November 2016 midterm break.

Kandersteg International Scout Centre is the World Centre of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement and began in 1923 with Lord Baden Powell who had a dream to create a place where all scouts from all over the world could meet.

The group were accommodated in their own charming chalet Sunneblick which was the base for their stay in the Alps. Throughout their stay the scouts participated in various outdoor team activities and also hiked to the scenic Oeschinsee Lake, glaciers and cross trails taking in the breath taking scenery in the process.

Indeed, a highlight for many was the visit to Seilpark Adventure Park in Interlaken, where the group tackled the High Ropes course at various exhilarating levels and of course, the Fondue Evening.

This experience in the Swiss Alps provided students with one of the highlights of their school years, and helped them to develop their confidence and stamina. The benefits of this experience in such a unique environment in the company of their friends were immeasurable - all whilst enjoying the culture and geography of the scenic Swiss Alps.

St. George`s Day - Annual Scout Parade 23rd April 2013

Cubs Visit to the MV Hercules Marine Research Vessel. 11th February 2012

Gnejna Outing: 18th February 2012 - Beavers

Cub Scout Hike to Majjistral Park: 28th January 2012

Investiture: 17th December 2011

Valletta Treasure Hunt: October 2010

San Anton Scouts visit Cava Grande

In early August 2010 , the San Anton School Scout Group, in conjuction with Virtu Ferries, organised a day trip to Cava Grande del Cassible, a spectacular canyon carved in white limestone, north of Noto. This national park is half a kilometer deep and meanders for about 15 kilometers through sculptured limestone formations, lakes, waterfalls and lush vegetation to the sea near Siracusa. These spectacular surroundings are reachable via a short bus ride from Pozzallo. An hour's trek leads down defined foot paths to the bottom of the canyon.

The 29 strong contingent swam in the various laghetti filled with cool, clear fresh water or simply enjoyed the moving water. Others rested and picnicked in the shade of the many trees. The Venture and Rovers scouts also proceeded up-river for a couple of kilometers with guide Antonio, swimming though large rock pools, shaded by overhanging trees, having to climb up the many little waterfalls in an 'Indiana Jones' type of unspoilt environment. The tough climb back up was rewarded by locally made granita at the top of the canyon. A meal at Pozzallo beach ended this enjoyable day and all returned home with lovely memories and promises to return soon.


Investiture: 13th March 2010

Treasure Hunt in Mdina. 12th December 2009

13th Edition Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI)

Click here for furthur details on JOTI 2009

Night Hike and Sleep-over

Joint Activity – San Anton School Scout Group and Attard Scout Group

The activity took place during the night of the 18th to 19th September 2009. The Scouts from both Groups met at the Attard Scout Group’s Place in Dingli next to Villa Psaigon at 1800hrs. After the initial introductions and ice-breaking games the Scouts pitched their tents and the toilet tent. This was followed by dinner which was provided by the Leaders.

After dinner the patrols set-off for the night hike passing close to Buskett Gardens, Clapton junction and Girgenti. The Patrols return to the camp site at 02.00hrs. Within a few minutes all the scouts were sound asleep. Rise and shine was at 07.00hrs followed by Breakfast and the striking of the tents. Pick-up was at 09.00hrs.

The leaders responsible for the Activity were Hilary Paul Agius from the San Anton School Scout Group and Mario Micallef and Patricia Pace of the Attard Scout Group. In total 22 scouts participated in the Night Hike - 15 Scouts from the San Anton School Scouts and 7 from the Attard Scout Group.

Well done to the organising Leaders – Hilary and Mario for organising an enjoyable experience of the outdoors and Thank you to all participating Scouts.

Summer Cooking 2009

In the August 2009 heat-wave, ten scouts attended a series of three cooking sessions at the School Home Economics room, as part of their Camp Cook badge. The themes of the three sessions were (a) chicken (b) pasta (c) oriental or sea food. Emphasis was made on favorite family recipes, simplicity and healthy eating.

A dessert was cooked during every session for sharing. Cooking is an important part of self-sufficiency in everyday life and consequently the importance in Scouting and outdoor activities such as camping.

The Scouts, shown in the picture, proudly show off some of their pasta dishes, prior to the close of the cooking session and the cleaning of the utensils and the cooking stations.

The Scouts will complete the requirements for the Camp Cook Badge during the Summer Camp which will take place on the 3rd to the 8th September 2009.

Thanks go to the school for allowing the use of their premises for this exercise

Assistant Scout leader,

Hilary Paul Agius

Crusoe Rafting Challenge

Leadership Basic Joint Activity Sliema Scouts and San Anton School Scouts. 25th July 2009

The Scouts from both Groups met at 12.00 noon on the beach right beneath Peppi's Kiosk in Sliema. After the initial introductions and without much delay the Scouts started to set-up a “shelter” to shade them from the scorching sun.

The Scouts present were divided into two groups. The leaders explained the task required and provided them with the equipment to build the rafts namely wooden spars, rope and buoyancy tanks. They were allocated a maximum of four hours to complete the raft and get it into the water.

Well within the time the rafts were completed and tested in the water. However the rafts could not be used before the Leaders supervising the activity gave their “ok”. Eager to set-off, the teams wore a life jacket and off they went. After some initial trials the teams were ready to paddle around a pre-set course. Once again the Leaders explained the rules under which the race was to take place and “Ready –Steady- Go” off they went paddling away. It was not easy to manoeuvre the rafts under their weight but with some effort, hanging on and holding each other, the race was finally over with no mishaps.

Well done to both teams!!

After an exhaustive race and some swimming it was time to take up the rafts. Each Team worked hard to undo their raft and then packed away all the equipment.

After the packing, it was time to set-up the Bar-B-Que and cook the hamburgers and sausages. The time waiting for the food was not wasted as each team explained the tactics used during the race…what they did and how they did it…it was also an opportunity for the scouts to socialise as one group rather than with the team. As the saying goes “all good things come to an end” and in the typical scouting manner the Scouts cleared up and left the place in a better state then they found it. The Scouts were picked up by their parents at 1900hrs by this time it was clear that the Scouts had a good time and really enjoyed the activity.

The San Anton School Scout Group would like to thank Raffaella Zammit Tabona, for organising this joint activity with the Sliema Scouts, Scout Leader James Bartolo and Asst Scout Leader Hiliary Agius for their support during the activity and finally to all the Scouts for their participation.

H.E President George Abela visits the San Anton Scount Group during Easter Camp

On the 17th April 2009, during the annual Easter Camp held within the Verdala Palace Grounds, the President of Malta, Dr George Abela visited the camp site and spent some time with the Group. It was close to 1130hrs when the President arrived at Verdala where he was welcomed by Anthony Rizzo on behalf of the Group Scout Leader and the other leaders.

The President then proceeded to the camp site and met the scouts. He was then invited to inspect the camp site and thetents. After the inspection the Group assembled and Anthony Rizzo on behalf of the Group thanked the President and Mrs Abela for granted permission to camp within their “front garden” - the Verdala Grounds and as a sign of appreciation and gratitude the group wanted to reciprocate and donate a sum of money forthe Community Chest Fund.

Two Scouts Kristina Pisani and Anna Calleja presented the President with adonation of €250. The President thanked the Scouts for their generosity and there spirit of solidarity. He also promised the Group that the Verdala grounds will remain available for the Scouts to camp and enjoy the outdoors. This announcement was greeted and cheered with Group’s traditional calling “Yogi Yogi Yogi”

At this stage the Press people left the camp site and the President,joined by the Leaders and a number of Scouts, sat down under the dining shelter to enjoy a cup of coffee. This created a unique opportunity for the Scouts to meet the President face to face, and to discuss the joys of Scouting , Camping and the outdoors.

Before leaving the camp site the President to the surprise of all present, invited two Rovers Scouts, Karl Vella and Nicky PsailaSavona to join him for a tour of the Palace.

As the saying goes “all good things come to an end” but what will not end is the memory of President’s visit and the down to earth manner he interacted with the Scouts and the Leaders.


The meeting of the 15 th December was dedicated to Carol Singing. Together with the leaders the unit, troop and pack (some wearing Christmas hats to add to the festive cheer) visited St Vincent de Paule Residence where they were first met by Ms Sue Bharwani, who is in charge of entertainment at SVPR, and she explained what SVPR is all about.

She then proceeded to take us to some wards where the children could sing.  The corridors were beautifully decorated with lights and Christmas decorations.  The first few wards we visited were indeed special as these were the ones were married couples live together and take care of each other. 

The children enjoyed singing their best. They were also encouraged to go into the rooms so the residents could appreciate and hear better, whilst also entertaining those who were confined to their beds. At times the residents also joined in the singing and clapping. A tear or two were shed when we were leaving and several cheers of appreciation were heard.  This only gave the children more motivation to sing and be jolly as they realised that a small effort could greatly cheer someone up.  Some of the younger cubs were heard commenting: "these people are just like my nanna and nannu" and "how nice it is to see them smile".

In one of the male wards the evening meal was being served and the children entertained the elderly whilst they ate!

At the end of the afternoon Ms Bharwani kindly offered the children specially made sandwiches and drinks. After all the singing these were very much appreciated.

BOWLING 22/12/08

The entire Group was treated to an afternoon of bowling at the Eden SuperBowl as a special Christmas celebration. Excitement ran high at all ages as scores were recorded and loud cheering could be heard across the lanes as pins bowled over. The event proved very popular with many asking for it to be organised again. The activity was complete with snacks being handed out to all.

JOTI 2007

This year’s JOTI (Jamboree On The Internet) saw the ventures, scouts and cubs participate for over 19hrs during an overnight activity held on October 20th specifically for this worldwide event. It was the second time the group participated and a first for the Cubs. The school computer lab was turned into a communications centre where contacts were made across the globe. Contacts were established with over 60 different countries across many time zones. Maps were hung and countries marked as connections were recorded. The Pack and its leaders attempted to discover this year’s WOSM centenary motto: ‘One World One Promise’ in different languages and succeeded in obtaining 24 translations! This event helped highlight the spread and wide diversity of scouting.

Tree Planting: Saving Trees... Saving Ourselves

The meeting of October 27th was held at the Red Tower area in Mellieha where the group participated in the National Tree Planting Weekend.

‘Foresta 2000’ is a site at Mellieha managed by the PARC Dept, Birdlife Malta and Din l-Art Helwa. In May 2007, 3,000 trees were destroyed. The public's reaction was anger and outrage and, following an appeal made by 34U, Lm40,000 / €93,174.94 was raised to replace them. The weekend served not only to replace those 3,000 trees, but also plant another 6,000 – making a total of 9,000! The aims of the 34U campaign is to have a nation wide tree planting programme with the full participation of the public, national institutions, businesses, unions, voluntary organisations and others. Furthermore the campaign promotes the creation of woodland recreational areas.

This event proved more than just a fun activity – it was about our social responsibilities and looking after our national heritage, hence the choice of the slogan for the event. San Anton School Scouts’ contribution can be seen at the site marked as ‘Green 16’ where ventures, scouts and cubs eagerly helped plant several trees which were then tagged with the group’s name. The ventures were there not only for the duration of the meeting but actually spent 2 full days on this activity and were heartily thanked by the organisers. We hope to revisit the site in the future.

First Aid Course:

In September 4 Ventures, 5 scouts and 5 Leaders participated in a first aid course organised at school by the Malta Red Cross Society. 5 of these members were recertifying. All found the course very interesting and enjoyed learning basic first aid skills. The course was very ‘hands on’ with lots of practical sessions as well as the theoretical aspect.

San Anton Scouts - Marsa Scouts

A joint activity between two patrols from San Anton Scouts and 2 patrols from Marsa Scouts was organised on the 15 th September.

The aim of the activity was to promote the ‘socialising’ of different scouts in a scouting activity whereby they will understand that although there are many differences between the groups the ideals / activities of scouting unites them all.

The activity was opened by San Anton scouts who said a prayer and raised the Malta flag. An opening game was organised by Marsa scouts. The scouts then planned 3 different short (5km) routes around the area and proceeded to take these routes. The leaders and helpers checked their routes and met them at the checkpoints. After returning to school, a short ‘debrief’ was held. The closing game was organised by San Anton. Here the object was to get the whole ‘team’ over a wall, the first to succeed being ‘winners’. The activity ended with a prayer and flag down by Marsa Scouts.

Life Saving: 

A group of 2 leaders, 4 ventures and 3 scouts attended a life saving course organised by the Royal Life Saving Society Malta Branch held thrice weekly over a month between July and August.  The course consisted of theoretical sessions, land drills and practical sessions in the sea.  Differing successful levels of skill achievement were rewarded with a Bronze Cross, Bronze Medallions and Life Saver Badges 1, 2 & 3.

Summer Camp 2007

As soon as school was out, the Group camped at Ghajn Tuffieha between 28th June and 3rd July. A very busy programme started with the pitching of hike tents, ridge tents and a dining shelter. All members decorated tie and dye t-shirts on the first day which were worn with pride throughout camp. Beach, water and sand games dominated the hot days. Recyclable materials were put to good use during competitions for scouts and cubs to build seagoing craft. The Ventures opted for something more solid and built a large raft which they used to get from St Paul’s Bay to St Paul’s islands. Campfire meals were popular with all, especially the scouts’ ‘Ready Steady Cook’ which this time had a ‘party’ theme. A cub astronomy night was animated with rock models, built to scale, of the solar system. Four grade 11 scouts undertook a large pioneering project to build a catapult. Their dreams of using small cubs as missiles were never realised but cubs and scouts all enjoyed firing bean bags across open space. A mapping exercise and short hike did not prove very popular with some scouts due to the hot weather. The scouts who went clay sloping also felt very hot although they enjoyed the activity. A quiz and ‘survival exercise’ in the shade of the dining shelter were fun and relaxing. Since several ventures had finished exams, many attended camp and had a busy programme to keep them occupied. Some very new cubs and scouts proved their worth as they camped well and joined in all activities. An afternoon was dedicated to combined games between all sections, these always proving very popular. A family evening was held where parents and siblings visited the camp and enjoyed a meal all together. As always Fr Bernard visited to celebrate Holy Mass on Sunday. We would like to thank all those who, although not members of the group, helped in the organisation of camp and the running of some activities.

Swimming Activity – 02/06/07

The afternoon of the 2 nd June saw the cubs and scouts meeting at Ta’ Qali National Pool for an afternoon of water fun and games. Many ‘Swimmer’ proficiency badges were awarded. Some scouts preparing for their Chief Scout Award undertook a 750m swimming challenge.

St Anthony’s Day – 13/06/07

As part of the Group’s 15yrs anniversary celebrations a clay relief model of St Anthony created by the renowned Maltese artist Andrew Diacono was presented to the school during the celebrations to mark St Anthony’s Day on the 13 th June. The model was blessed during mass and then hung in the foyer for viewing that evening. It is to be placed in the school chapel for veneration. Many past leaders attended the event. Bookmarks with a picture of the model and a prayer on the reverse, were distributed to all attending the celebrations.

Annual Parade 2007

The bright morning of Sunday May 6 th saw the Group, together with all the other Scout Groups and Guide Companies of Malta, march proudly into Valletta to salute the president. Scout Thomas Borg Barthet was chosen by the Association to carry the North District Flag, indeed an honour for our Group.

Easter Camp 2007

This year the traditional Easter Camp was organised at Għajn Tuffieħa. Camp started with pitching of hike and ridge tents for all. Throughout the camp campfires and campfire meals were popular with everybody.

The programme of activities was very full with cubs enjoying an egg hunt and guided visits to Għar Dalam and Fort Luċian. Their expressions of creativity were seen in posters, greeting cards and pavement chalk paintings. The highlight for the cubs must have been the visit by Mr H Borg Barthet who gave a talk on ‘bugs’. The many mounted specimens he brought with him drew much interest.

The scouts also had a very busy programme with excursions to catacombs, clay slopes and some country walks. 8 scouts preparing for their ‘explorer’ badge undertook a 2 day / 1 night expedition in 2 separate groups. A lot of mapping and compass work was done in preparation for this. Mud ovens and a pioneering project were built by some of the younger scouts. All scouts enjoyed the trips down to the sandy beaches, during both day and night, to relax and play games. One morning was dedicated to 4 activities organised by those scouts preparing for their Chief Scout Award.

Unfortunately not many ventures attended camp due to matsec exams. However those that came enjoyed the break from study routines and appreciated the camping experience. An orienteering game was planned for them by their leaders.

One afternoon saw all the group participate together in joint games organised by some past SAS scouts who joined the camp to help out. Later that evening Fr Bernard visited camp to celebrate Holy Mass.

Festa Scout 2007

To mark the centenary of scouting the Scout Association of Malta organised a Festa Scout at Ta’ Qali over the weekend of the 16-18 th March ‘07. 28 scout groups from all over Malta and Gozo participated in the event. It was an opportunity for groups to show the public what scouting is all about. Many activities were held over the weekend with many groups opting to camp on site. Outdoor cooking and pioneering skills were demonstrated. San Anton School scouts participated on one afternoon and provided crafts, knotting skills and games for all who wanted to join in. During the event our ventures, scouts and cubs circulated among the other groups and enjoyed their activities. Unfortunately the weather that day was not good and, towards the end, the group was caught in a downpour. For many children this just added to the fun of the day.








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