13th Edition Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI)

4th Edition of the San Anton School Scout Group




JOTI Station:


San Anton School Scout (Group)




Scout Association:


The Scout Association of Malta




City of the station:



Country of the station:



Latitude station:


35° 55′ 12.00″ North

Longitude station:


14° 23′ 24.00″ East




Age group:



Participation Times:


Saturday 17th October  1500hrs – 1700hrs






















Every third week of October, the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) organizes a Jamboree On The Internet (JOTI) – this is international Scout meeting on the Internet to provide an opportunity for scouts worldwide to communicate with other scouts using the internet - e-mail and a chat network IRC. This event was the 13th edition of JOTI organised by WOSM.


This was the fourth time that the San Anton Scout Group participated in the JOTI. This year participation proved to be an exciting session as the communication with other scouts from different part of the world eventually lead to a geography lesson.


Where is Alabama, Nicosia and Cornwall? Does Zimbabwe exist? Which continent? What is the temperature in Bavaria? Why is the time in Australia so different from ours?


Inevitably the fever started when contact was made with scouts in South Korea, Maldives and Indonesia. Some Scouts had long conversations with a leader in Australia while others engaged in exchange with the United Kingdom, Norway and Holland.


‘Pakistan!’ somebody yelled from one end of the computer room while a reply from the other side was ‘I’ve got Finland – and it’s snowing!” while others exclaimed ‘Venezuela” “Libya” and ”Italy”


The total number of countries contacted during the two hour session was 38. This was the highest number of countries that the Group contacted during the last 4 editions of the JOTI. This number excludes contacts made with other Maltese Scout Groups.



Spelling was vigorously debated – the subtle difference between Hungary and Hungry…. reminded all Scouts of the doughnuts they were promised at the end of the session.


The San Anton School Scout Group would like to thank the School Administration for allowing the Scout Group to use the Computer room. A special thank you also goes to the IT Administrator of the School for his presence and support



Hilary Paul Agius

Asst Scout Leader