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Senior Sector

Senior Sector (Grade 8 to Grade 12) caters for pupils aged between 10 and 16.

The Senior Sector curriculum aims to prepare students for the Secondary Education Certificate (SEC) examination. New subjects are introduced at the start of SeniorSchool, and a wide selection of subjects is on offer when students come to choose their areas of specialization at the end of Grade 9.

San Anton is proud of the number of and diversity of subjects on offer, thus adhering to our belief that each student is an individual. Students continue to take subjects such as Dance, Drama and Art thus ensuring that the curriculum provides a more holistic approach to the teenager’s development.

The primary aim of Senior Sector is that each student reaches his or her own maximum academic potential. Other aims occupy just as important a position on San Anton’s scale of values. Helping students develop an enquiring mind, encouraging pride in their work, instilling moral values and fostering healthy relationships are all aspects of the so-called “hidden curriculum”.