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A Brief History

San Anton School opened its doors in 1988 in a villa in Attard, Malta, when a group of parents decided to form a school that genuinely put the student at the centre of the educational process.

Since then, the School population had grown and the institution moved into a new building in the beautiful valley of L-Imselliet.

San Anton is a school of the Parent’s Foundation for Education (PFE). The PFE is a parental organization that ensures that the School follows the beliefs that were originally intended. These aims include, amongst others, that the school is non-profit making, and that admission is on a first-come-first-served basis.

Although teaching is in English, at San Anton we recognize the need for students to become confident in both English and Maltese. The School is Catholic, but children of other beliefs are welcome and respected.

Another PFE principle is that the School strives to achieve the maximum potential of each student, regardless of their ability. We are proud of the achievements we have achieved so far, with excellent results in all subjects we offer.

We are producing tomorrow’s leaders, with the vast majority of our school leavers furthering their studies in top 6th forms