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Blue Star Awards

17th October 2011

This morning the Junior Sector students were treated to a special morning assembly as Mr. Brian Abela, Assistant Head of the Junior Sector announced the names of the first students to receive a Blue Star Certificate.

The Objective of this new scheme introduced by Mr. Brian, is to encourage students to learn better school practices from each other.

Teachers place a nomination whenever they feel that a student has exhibited an admirable school practice that falls under, but not limited to, any of the following positive attributes: compassion, respect, empathy, manners, achievement and perseverance.

The following students were presented with Blue Star Certificates during the morning assembly on Tuesday October 17th, 2011.

Carla Depasquale - showed respect consistently to her teacher by always presenting very neat work in all her subjects.

Jamie Dimech - received his certificate because he went out of his way to make sure that a new boy to the school felt welcome.

Filippa Mizzi - showed respect to her teacher by always presenting very neat work and being a keen student during all lessons.

Eloise Samaha - received her certificate because she is always very polite and the first to acknowledge an adult in the classroom, corridors and playground.

What is considered as an example of admirable school practice?

Some examples, but not limited to, of admirable school practices that a student can been acknowledged for include:

o             Staying in during break voluntarily, without being encouraged to or ask to, in order to help another student who is having trouble with a subject.

o             A student who is seen to befriend another student on the playground who is feeling lonely.

o             A student who is consistently respectful to a teacher and makes it a point to say good morning and good afternoon on a daily basis over the course of the scholastic year.

o             A student who is having grave behavioral difficulties at the beginning of the scholastic year and has made wonderful improvements at one point throughout the scholastic year.

When a nomination has been accepted the student is presented with a certificate during the morning assembly and the student body informed why he/she received the certificate (student’s actions influencing others positively). A photo of the student is taken and displayed on Captain Pramec’s Hall of Fame for all to see.

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