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Grade One Students Sow Potatoes in the School`s Nature Area.

Grade One children, assisted by their class teachers, recently sowed potatoes in our nature area within the school grounds. When Mr Joe Attard , the School`s Property Manager showed them the procedure, they could hardly wait for their turn. This activity was related to the story of ‘The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse’ which they were reading in Class where the country mouse grew his own fruit and vegetables, whilst the town mouse had to buy them.

As a follow up to this event, the children read about the growth cycle of the potato, and are now eagerly awaiting the right time to harvest the potatoes. This activity offered these young students the chance to experience growing food and provided a context for looking at food chain issues and understanding where food comes from. Concern that young people have become distanced from nature has been increased in recent years, with many not making the connection between the food they see in the supermarkets and the land that produces it. Once the potatoes are harvested, the children will be using their own produce in a cooking class activity..

Definitely an unforgettable experience for all.

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