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Talk on the European Union for Grade Seven Students.

24th February 2014

As part of their Humanities Programme, the Grade 7 (Year 6) students learn about the European Union; how and when it was formed, its enlargements over the years, Malta's admission in the EU and the introduction of the Euro.

On the 24th February 2014, Dr Peter Agius, Head of the European Parliament Office in Malta, kindly accepted the school`s invitation to hold a talk for the students. After giving a brief introduction, Dr Agius chose 4 teams each made up of 4 students representing the Socialists, the Christian Democrats, the Liberals and the Greens - the 4 major political groups in the European Parliament. A quiz was then held where the teams were asked various questions about the EU. The overall winners were given small tokens as a memento.

The students thoroughly enjoyed this engaging learning experience, whilst being given the opportunity to form and voice their opinions, participating very enthusiastically in the discussion and quiz.

Head of School Dr. Joe Gauci commended this hands-on learning activity which is in keeping with San Anton School`s ethos of linking classroom education with the outside world.


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