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Meet Etienne Ebejer


Your role as a Teaching and Learning Coach is new to the school. What does it involve?

San Anton School has always been at the forefront of inclusive contemporary education and as it continues to strive for excellence, I could not have joined at a better time.

My role is primarily, two-fold: to manage the training and professional development of newly qualified and trainee teachers, a first in this school, and to support and contribute to the professional development of teachers at all stages of their careers. I also work alongside the Senior Leadership Team and contribute to strategic planning for the school development, anticipating needs and responding to developments both in the local community and in a national and international context. My area of expertise is managing whole-school assessment data and long term, I intend to apply my experience to use data more effectively to inform planning and professional development. I am still very passionate about teaching Mathematics and I am really enjoying teaching my two classes in the Senior Sector. It has been a great start and I am very excited to be part of this journey towards excellence!

Having practiced your profession in the UK for 13 years how do you compare your experience here with that overseas?

When I started teaching in Malta in the late 90s, I was very bored. Every year I taught the same classes and there was nothing exciting happening in the field of education. So when I moved to the UK, I had a lot to learn and I had to learn fast. I was particularly fascinated by all the resources we had available, that I had never obviously seen before. It was a very steep learning curve but I loved it! For the very first time, I was treated as a professional and wanted to go far. As I took on more responsibilities, I worked longer hours but I was constantly challenged and I had the opportunity to meet some inspiring leaders in education and work with so many enthusiastic colleagues. Working abroad is always an incredible experience not to be missed!

What do you like most about your job?

I love working with children. I love to see the "light go on" when they finally understand a skill or concept they have been struggling to understand. I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for my subject and it is so rewarding when your students do well and you inspire them to pursue their studies in your subject. Children make me feel young and there is never a dull moment. It only takes one child to turn your bad day into a memorable one!

Any challenges?

Technology has posed new challenges in teaching. Everything is so animated and interactive these days and students are finding it harder to concentrate in lessons. As a teacher, I constantly need to find new ways of engaging my students and make learning fun and relevant to them to keep them focused.

What is your favourite childhood memory?

When I was a child, my parents owned a summer house in Mellieha. I have fond memories of long days spent at the beach with my cousins and 'Summer' friends. I still remember the first time we went out canoeing, lost track of time and had to be rescued somewhere between Malta and Comino! Life was, literally, a beach and looking back, I feel so blessed that I had so much fun when I was a child.

Favourite Book?

This is a tough one as there are too many books that I like. I generally go for Scandinavian crime fiction such as The Snowman by Jo Nesbo but you are more likely to find travel books on my library shelves. The one book that I really enjoy reading is the popular New York Times 36 hours travel guide which is a collection of 125 travel itineraries for quick but memorable trips around Europe. It also contains several photographs that fire your imagination and travel bug. One for the Christmas wish list!

Any Hobbies?

I play no instruments and have no artistic flair whatsoever but I love culture and really enjoy getting lost in a city, wandering the streets meeting locals in cafés and popping into churches, galleries and museums and at the end of the day, watch a play at the local theatre. Every free time I have, I go travelling and I have been to nearly 60 countries and still counting! I also love adventure and I have climbed bridges, trekked into jungles, went fishing for piranha, glacier walking, river rafting and skiing just to name a few. When I am not travelling, I tend to read a lot, play backgammon or bake a cake but recently, I have started to learn flamenco and I am now too busy practising the steps!

Favourite Food?

In London, I was spoilt for choice and I have been to many food festivals and restaurants in various neighbourhoods to try different ethnic food. Lebanese and Japanese soon became my favourite but as I lived in East London, I spent many weekends around Shoreditch which has several Vietnamese cafés on the High Street. Eventually, as I moved from one café to another, I tasted various typical dishes , many of which were not just tasty but also very healthy. Vietnamese food is now firmly my favourite.


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