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EU Workshop for Grade 7 Students

10th March 2015

Earlier this scholastic year, as part of their Humanities topic pertaining to the E.U., the Grade 7 ( Year 6) students extended an inivitation to Dr. Peter Agius, Head of The European Parliament Office in Malta, to visit the school on Thursday 26th February, in order to give a presentation about the European Union.

After a brief welcome and introduction by Head of School, Dr Joe Gauci, Dr. Agius proceeded with his talk in the School Library wherein he briefly explained the functions of the European Union and our role as a member state. During the talk, Dr. Agius involved the students who were more than eager to voice their opinions and ask various questions.

At the conclusion of the presentation, some of the students were invited to participate in a Euroquiz. The students thoroughly enjoyed this engaging learning experience, whilst being given the opportunity to form and voice their opinions, participating very enthusiastically in the discussion and quiz.

Dr Gauci, commended this hands-on learning activity which is in keeping with San Anton School`s ethos of linking classroom education with the outside world.


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