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Crazy Scientists in Grade 1 ( Kinder 2)


Suitably attired with crazy hairstyles, lab coats and goggles, Ms Aisling's and Ms Theresa's Grade 1 ( Kinder 2) scientists performed a Magic Milk experiment during an online session with their teachers, assisted by their parents and caregivers.

Our excited young learners learnt that a chemical reaction occurs when adding soap to milk and food colouring, as they reveled in the beauty of the coloured movement which took place as the milk and soap reacted!

As the soap is added to the milk, the milk fats began to break up. The soap molecules running around the dish, try to attach to the fat molecules in the milk. Normally this process would be invisible but the addition of food colouring helps to see all the movement taking place!

What a fun session this was!


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