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Chick Progress Report

By Ms Melissa Demajo - Class Teacher Grade 2.3

Our Grade 2 celebrity chicks Rocky, Google, Nugget and Joey are all growing super fast! They are eating chick food, bread, eggs and have been recently introduced to carrots which they love.

The children in class are really enjoying taking it in turns to feed them and are constantly making sure that they are happy and playing. Some of the children are even singing songs to the chicks and this has even soothed the chicks so much that they fell asleep!

On Friday, the chicks are off to a farm to be weaned into a chicken brood. They will firstly be looked after by a mother hen who has two other chicks which hatched last week, where they will be slowly exposed to farm life, where they will live as free range chickens providing eggs for the farm. It has been an amazing experience and what better way to learn about the hen`s life cycle than to watch it happen before our very own eyes! This exercise has also helped the children understand more about our current theme of Sustainability. The children have been learning that what we take from the earth we have to give back in our own little way.

What better to give back than by hatching one of the most sustainable animals around?


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