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Meet Ms Anna Degiorgio - Junior Sector Teacher


Who is Ms Anna?

I am me!  My friends call me Degi, at school I'm Miss Anna, long standing part of San Anton School. There are few things in life I can't do without and these are my family, my dogs, underwater photography and last but not least my family at San Anton School. I am happiest when I can put all these things together and make an adventure out of life, like taking a diving holiday with my family or organising diving for some students. I am an adventurous person and always up for something exciting as long as it doesn't involve jumping out of an aeroplane or off a cliff, I'm all for it.

You`re especially known for your love of the sea. Tell us about your passion.

I can very easily switch from my role as school teacher to the role of a diver but they are never separate.  At school I teach a syllabus which is laced with my love for the sea and all that is found under its mesmerising deep blue colour. I have taught grades 1 to 5 over the years at San Anton.

I always make it a point to educate the children about the sea that surrounds our country and hope that I have left a little bit of my love for the sea in each little life that I touched.

At ''play''diving, I am also a teacher. I am a qualified diving instructor because I love teaching and what better than to teach my favourite pastime?  My friends tease me because as soon as someone says something not quite right, the teacher in me comes out and I can't help but educate.  Ask a simple question about a sea creature and I'll deliver a lesson about the species and its habitat!

What is your aim as a teacher and what do you hope to impart to your students?

I hated school as a child and vowed to myself that I will one day become a teacher, but be as different to most of my old teachers as is humanly possible.  Learning to be a good teacher and one that a child can look up to was difficult at times, but all I had to do was do the exact opposite of what some teachers had done in my childhood. So, kind words replaced the harsh corrections and cuddles and hugs replaced the ruler.

One student said to me way back in 1991 ''Miss Anna I love you so much because you are big and fat and cuddly like my teddy bear.'' With that I got a great big hug like only a pre-grader can give. Recently this very same student was back at school to register her own child and i reminded her about the day. It's lovely to see old students coming back to school as parents and learning how well they turned out.



You were the first ever teacher to be employed at San Anton School way  back in 1998 and you are therefore the longest serving member of staff. That`s pretty special.  How have you seen the school evolve over the years?

San Anton School is more of a home and a family to me, than a work place. I want to see it thrive always. If an outsider dares pass a remark about MY school I am quick to come to its defence because most of my life has been spent at San Anton and I love it.  I helped form it into what we have come to know as San Anton School. I was there when the property we currently occupy was purchased. I was there when the foundation stone was laid and i was there when the flag was raised on the roof top for the very first time. I have watched it grow from inception.

The day one of the founding members came up to me and asked if I would be interested in joining this 'new school' that they were thinking about setting up, is still fresh in my mind. My very quick answer was ''tell me where and when and I'll be there.'' And there I was and there I still am - a  proud member of staff, from an era which was to set about a change in the educational system of our country.

Today the number of staff is way over a hundred and sadly there are many people I hardly know and some I just recognise as faces in the school. But that is the inevitable thing when the school has evolved so much.  Way back in 1988 we were 4 teachers, 1 headmaster and 1 matron. We didn't know each other before but we soon grew to be one unit helping each other out in the daily running of the school, as we grew in our abilities, morphing from the old ways of the strict teaching methods we were accustomed to in our past jobs, into teachers that facilitated children to grow and learn each to their best capabilities.

 Teacher training in all this was very important and we had experts in the field to help out in this, every step of the way.  Going home on time at the end of the day was very rare. Often when the kids went home, we went into meetings to discuss how to go about the next weeks` work either with the then head of school Mr. Michael Fenech, or with one of our mentors Dr Ruth Falzon, Prof. Dennis Cuschieri or Dr Kenneth Wain. These people were all an integral part of those first few years of the life of San Anton School and to whom I owe my vast experience in teaching.

What is your favourite childhood memory?

My favourite childhood memory is catching my first octopus in St Julian's bay.  Add to that, climbing trees in the Mosta valley during the winter months.

Favourite Food?                                

My favourite food is by far, fried calamari. Although truth be told, I love food in general with the exception of bell peppers.

Favourite Book ?                                

My favourite book is the Holy Bible, although I have never read it from cover to cover, when I'm in a dilemma I always find my answer and comfort in its pages.