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Meet Ms Agnes Bonett - School Nurse



How long have you been working at San Anton School and what do you love most about your job as a School Nurse?


I have been working at San Anton School for 15 years.

I love working in a school environment and every day is different as you never know what to expect. I also get to hear a lot of funny stories especially from the little ones.

With a constant stream of students of all ages, there is a never dull moment in the clinic.



What is the most challenging part of the job?    


Well, till last year I was on my own so it was quite challenging to cater for all the kids that visit the clinic, especially when something serious occurs, as injuries and ailments never stop.

I was all the time worrying if I missed something. However since the beginning of this scholastic year, we welcomed a new nurse on board, and Sandra and I now work together as a team.  The workload is more manageable and I can put my mind at rest that each student who walks into the clinic, gets our full attention.



What is your favourite childhood memory?   

Definitely hiding in the middle of my grandfather's field and eating fresh broad beans, while playing hide and seek with my cousins. My grandfather used to complain to my grandmother that someone was eating his crops and leaving the peel on the ground.

He never guessed that I was the culprit! They were delicious and pesticide - free!



You have been spotted cycling to school many times. Is fitness a priority in your life?


 I am not a fitness freak but I do love to exercise. It relaxes me and it also means that I can eat chocolate to replace the calories I burn.


Any other hobbies?

 I also enjoy reading and hiking 

Which is your favourite book?

 Paula: My story so far by Paula Radcliffe


Favourite food?

 I love sweets. Basically, anything with dark chocolate.